We’re are overjoyed to announced we are open again with a full class schedule at the studio, outdoor classes. June workshops and starting next week we will also have Virtual Zoom classes for those of you cannot get out to see us!

New Studio Class Schedule

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•9am-10:15am Gentle/Hatha with Julie
•11am-12:15pm Chair Yoga with Julie
•6pm-7:15pm All Levels SLOW Flow with Michelle

•9am-10:15am Gentle Flow with Gina
•11am-12:15pm All Levels Vinyasa with Karen
•4:15pm-530pm Yin/Restoritive with Maureen
•6pm Breath and Body Flow with Michelle

•9am-10:15am All Levels Vinyasa Flow with Michelle Miles​
•6pm-7:15pm Warm Slow Flow with Holly
•7:30-830pm Adult Ballet with Michelle

•9am-10:15am Gentle Flow with Julie
•6pm-7:15pm Yin with Michelle

•9am-10:45am Kundalini with Cathy
•11am-12:15pm Relax and Restore
with Michelle

•8am-9:15am Warm Vinyasa with Holly
•10:30am-11:45am Foundations with Gina

•5pm-6:15pm Gentle Flow with Michelle Hufford


Text/call: 520-661-7798 to RSVP or Email: downtoearthyogastudio@gmail.com 

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The Studio is Open for Private Yoga/Small Group Classes

Individual Private Yoga (1-2 people) @ 50% discounted:

  • 1 hour – $45
  • 30 minutes – $25
  • Private 5 Class Pass – $150 (used within 5 weeks,1 hr class)
  • Private 10 Class Pass -$250 (used within 2 months)

Private Classes (3-5 people) Booked by appointment only

PLEASE check our Social Media for most current updates
Facebook page: @Downtoearthyogastudio
Instagram: @DownToEarthYogaStudioFl
MindBody for the most updated schedule.

Zoom Class description: Awaken Yoga – this class is an all levels themed meditation and asana practice designed around a central yoga teaching. Each moment of your practice gives you the opportunity to awaken to your own inner light. May you find greater ease along your path.

More Options for Online resources to classes and informaton.

Click here for YouTube Channel (classes, meditation, breath work)

Click here for our Facebook page…. Please check FB for most recent updates

WE LOVE you, and cannot wait to see your beautiful faces again.  Please reach out to Michelle or Dhyana with any questions, concerns, ideas or just to say hi…. We are happy to assist you always.

In gratitude and service,


Mission Statement

The studio is dedicated to teaching the fine arts of yoga with respect and integrity,and to serve the greater need to help others live a healthy and fully awakened life one breath at a time.

This style of Yoga is ROOTED in Non-judgement, Compassion, and Self-Awareness.

We pride ourselves on teaching a safe practice, rooted in the deep seated traditions of Yoga. Just as you would want to build your home on a solid foundation from the ground up. We take the time to help you build a solid foundation for your practice on and off the mat.

Yoga practice is a process that unfolds with natural timing. It cannot be forced or pushed against. It is when we take the time to cultivate and harvest strong ROOTS that real change and optimal health occur.

R- Release unwanted stress & tension.
O- Observe Self with non-judgement, compassion, and self-awareness.
O- Open deeper Body-Mind connections.
T- Tap into your inner wisdom.
S- Surrender into the gift of the present moment.

Core Values

Down To Earth Yoga Studio aspires to conduct its activities in accord with these time-honored principles.
Restraint (Yama) Observances (Niyama)
  • Non-Violence (Ahimsa)
  • Truthfulness (Satya)
  • Non-Stealing (Asteya)
  • Moderation (Brahmacharya)
  • Non-Attachment (Aparigraha)
  • Purity (Saucha)
  • Contentment (Santosha)
  • Austerity (Tapas)
  • Study of Self and Scripture (Swadhyaya)
  • Surrender to the Divine (Ishvara-Pranidhana)

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