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At Down to Earth Yoga, we offer many modalities of healing. 
Our mission is to help people of all ages relieve stress, achieve self-awareness, open deeper body-mind connections, and surrender to the gift of the present moment.
We do this with regular, intentional yoga and meditation grounded in respect, integrity, and self-love.
Our many classes and workshops are offered in a quiet, calming space that inspires peace, balance, and transformation.
Our nurturing staff provides personalized instruction to ensure you’re getting the most from every session.
We first opened our doors in 2012, and since then, we’ve been truly overwhelmed by the love, support, and community that’s been cultivated here.

We invite you to join us & experience a healthy, fully awakened life both on and off the mat.

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Call: 772-224-2444 (Business Line)

Text : 518.779.0055~Dhyana or 772.324.0205~Adam


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WE are honored to serve the community.

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In gratitude and service,

Dhyana Houghtaling & Adam Flores 

Owner(s) and Operator(s)

772.224.2444 Voice Mail Main Line

518.779.0055 Call or Text Dhyana

772.324.0205 Call or Text Adam

Mission Statement

The studio is dedicated to teaching the fine arts of yoga with respect and integrity, and to serve the greater need to help others live a healthy and fully awakened life one breath at a time.

Yoga is a science of the mind….. Liberation of the mind to allow oneself to “sit” in meditation, or “sit” comfortably in your own body…. We practice the ethical principals and self observances as described in the Yama’s and the Niyama’s.  Focusing on Ahimsa Non-Violence.  We are also very passionate about community and  serve the underserved in PSL.  We practice Non-judgement, Compassion, and Self-Awareness and share this whole heatedly.

We openly and compassionately guide a safe practice, serving all minds and all bodies.  We are passionate about the traditions and teachings of Yoga.

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