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Saturday March 23 at 1 PM

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Sleep Disturbance, Anxiety. Depression.Pain,Hot Flashes, Arthritis


Saturday April 13th Join PremShakti from 2- 4:30 PM

Living from the Heart with Compassion and Radical Acceptance

If you are tired of the ‘inner critique’, tired of painful memories and life stories that hold you back from a living a better life; tired of blaming yourself and complaining about others…

Imagine you can

  • Get Unstuck! Clear habitual mental judgement and commentary.
  • Cut through doubt, limiting beliefs, and pain from old life-stories that hold you back in life.
  • Create fulfilling relationships by your increased ability to communicate honestly from the heart.
  • Regain your energy, trust in yourself, inspiration and love for life.

In Conscious Living Programs, PremShakti shares core teachings and practices to inspire you and self-mastery in daily life aligned with your soul and Truth.

 If you sense a deeper calling…Follow your inner voice, and gift yourself this program.

All events with PremShakti include elements of

Awakening Energy

Clearing cobwebs of the Mind

Opening the Heart

Turning Attention to Truth

Forwarding your life aligned with Truth

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