Let Your Yoga Dance

Let Your Yoga Dance® was created and founded in 1986 by Megha-Nancy Buttenheim. It has steadily evolved over the decades into a world community of yoga dancers and teachers who use the chakras, yoga and dance as their foundation. The joyous healing this work brings is spreading all around the planet, one body, mind, heart and spirit at a time.

I am honored to have completed my Let Your Yoga Dance® certification at Kripalu under the masterful direction of Megha-Nancy Buttenheim. I’m excited to share this amazing style of dance that incorporates Yoga-Pranayama and all seven chakras.

What can I expect?

We start each class with grounding to center and relax into you prior to class. We move through each chakra starting from the Muladhara Chakra (root) and moving up. Each piece of music has been arranged for you to feel and inquire within the particular area of your body that we will be dancing to.

As a teacher I am simply your guide and will show a few moves prior to each song for you to dance to. Let Your Yoga Dance allows you to express your own movements and allows you to open up more freely with your own inner dance.

Each class ends with relaxation (Savasana).

What do I wear?

You should wear comfortable, lose-fitting clothing. Bare feet, sneakers or any supported footwear is acceptable. (No heels)

Do I need my yoga mat?

This class is a free-flowing exploration off the mat, so no yoga mat is needed. For relaxation we have Mexican Blankets.

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