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18 Yoga Room Ideas for Your Small Space

While we’re all spending more time in our homes these days, it may seem as though all of your day-to- day activities are in one place. From home office, to home gym or at home yoga, there’s lots of ways to maximize your small space to fit your interests. If you’re looking for a way to bring more peace and calm into your home think about creating a yoga room.  Whether you have a small studio in Miami, FL or a house in Sacramento, CA, there are many yoga room ideas you can take inspiration from to help create the perfect place for day-to-day yoga practice. We’ve reached out to yoga experts for their best tips and tricks for creating the perfect yoga room for a small space.

1. All you need is a space that’s 6×6. As long as you have at least a 6’x 6’ area you can easily create a comfortable space to practice yoga. Make sure your space is free from any distractions. Incorporating colored lights, an oil diffuser, and music that relaxes you can really lend to a yoga studio ambiance. To take it a step further you can add some plants, crystals, tapestries, or anything that makes it feel uniquely you. – Heather Bloomquist, HEAL Yoga Studio 

2. Choose a dedicated space and time for yoga in your home. Even if your space is small, like next to your bed, just tidying up the space and bringing a plant in the bedroom can make a big difference. If you’re able to create a dedicated space to practice and schedule a time to practice like you would in person, it is much easier. If you live with others, let them know your yoga practice is important to you. Practicing at home is a challenge because there are plentiful reminders of things you have to do. Give yourself some serious credit for having a home practice. Lastly, have the flexibility to laugh things off when something imperfect or unexpected happens. Your practice will be more enjoyable when you are able to let go of the things that are out of your control. – Cat Levine, Owner of Be Yoga Andersonville

3. Set up next to a wall. The wall is the most underrated prop, in my opinion, and having it accessible during your practice can help with balance, flexibility, backbends, and inversions. Things that motivate you or help you focus are also very important when you’re trying to get into that zone. – Beach Yoga SoCal

4. Everything should be within reach. Keep everything you might possibly need within arms reach of your yoga mat: a water bottle, a basket of myofascial release tools, props of any sort, meditation cushion, and blankets. I also recommend plants nearby. You want the space to be inviting, tidy, and ready to support you at any moment. – Dr. Ariele Foster, Founder of Yoga Anatomy Academy

5. The environment around you is what matters most. Contrary to what you may believe, creating your yoga space does not necessarily mean needing to create a dedicated yoga space within your home. What is important is that while you practice, your environment should evoke a feeling of peace and tranquility so you can focus on your breathing and practice. – Aurorae Yoga

6. Create a space that you love to be in. Having a beautiful view looking outside, or relaxing ambiance with candles and/or essential oils can help make your space inviting. Also, ease of use-keeping all of your favorite props (blocks, blankets, bolster, eye pillow) in one spot so they are there each time you come to your mat. – Tracey Mortenson, Owner/Founder of Inspiring Actions LLC,  Yoga Studio & Wellness Center

7. Be intentional with your decor. Make it as clean and simple as possible with subtle but intentional decorative items, to force the senses inward. I would choose natural, but luxurious elements that would pass for a minimalist but will pamper you during the time you carve out for yourself. Yoga practice is a form of self-care, and your space should reflect that. – Rebecca Cohen, Rebecca Cohen Yoga

8. Make your space calming and peaceful. To create an at-home yoga space that makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of your bedroom and into a dreamy yoga studio, there needs to be a calming and peaceful vibe that is completely different from the rest of the home. For visual aesthetics, set your room up with soft colors, dim lighting, and earthy elements, like indoor plants or decorative driftwood. To enhance the visual effects of your yoga room, you can also add layers of touch like soft blankets for savasana, mala beads for meditation, or beautiful burning candles to help set the mood. – Jen Fortin, owner/teacher Blackbird Yoga Studio NC

9. Focus your yoga room ideas on minimalism. Minimalism is a great way to promote peace and focus that is so necessary in yoga practice. Avoid cluttered decor, add soft, tranquil colors, and remove electronics or items that might distract or cause stress. Using charged crystals, aromatherapy, soft lighting and positive affirmations in your decor will also make an inviting space for practicing yoga. –  Thavma Yoga

10. Less is more in your yoga room. To create a calm and relaxing space for yoga, it doesn’t require much. Minimal clutter, soft lighting, and soothing music are great first steps to set the mood. Add a relaxing candle or essential oil diffuser and you’ll be more than ready to downward dog in your peaceful place of zen. – Allison Picciano, Yoga 170 Fairport NY

11. Keep your decor to a few simple items. I believe the key to a perfect yoga space is minimalism. My designated yoga space has 2-3 plants, a candle, and a blank wall I can use as a prop. This allows me to practice without distractions. – Yoga Ky

12. Incorporate a variety of colors. Motivate yourself to practice with inspiring colors of the chakra rainbow. Decorate your space with brightly hued props, gemstones, journals, and flowers. You’ll feel visually drawn into the space and want to get your yoga on even more. – Tiffany Lord, Virtual Private Yoga Coach Love + Asana

13. Personalize with plants. Not only do plants reduce stress and promote mental and physical well- being, they also help us connect with nature in our own homes. – Jill Agonias, Owner & Yoga Teacher at  Divinitree Santa Barbara

14. Make sure you won’t have any interruptions. Your home studio can be as much as a separate room or outdoor area or as little as a quiet space in your home. Choose your practice space with care making sure you will be uninterrupted. Create a beautiful focal point, perhaps a window with a view that encourages joy or a table with crystals, and objects that are uplifting to your soul, plants, meditation books and the like, but only things that are functional. Include a stand for your phone or space for a laptop for virtual classes. Set the mood with lovely lighting, perhaps an essential oil diffuser or incense and settle into the space you have made for YOU both physically and mentally. – Gina Baldo, Managing Director of Down to Earth Yoga Studio

15. Your yoga room ideas don’t have to be perfect. It’s lovely to have a dedicated space to practice at home, essential oils, candles and your kids in the closet. But I say, don’t worry about your space having to be perfect. Get on your mat. Practice and be free. – Leah, Ironwood Yoga Studios

16. Creating a space at home should be easy. You don’t need an entire room, just an area large enough to roll out your mat. Keep the space simple and clean. Avoid clutter, and incorporate lighting if you’re not near a window. Turn on your favorite tunes a few minutes before while you fill up your water bottle and get settled. Committing to a consistent schedule will help you stick to a routine. – Kendra Alley, Owner of  BarreAlley

17. The most important thing is comfort because if it is not comfortable, you won’t be inspired to practice yoga there. You don’t need much space, a little nook is perfect. All you need is your mat and a few props – 2 blankets, 2 blocks, a bolster, and a yoga strap. Try to find a pretty basket to store your props, which will add a little more warmth to your new yoga space. – Lindsay Gibson, Majestic Yoga Studio

18. Make sure your space is relaxing. You may be inclined to maintain a regular yoga practice if you create a relaxing space for yourself at home. Incorporate colors and scents you love, photos of places and people that inspire you, plants & flowers, or meaningful tokens you’ve collected. Get intentional about your space, and you may find that you want to spend more time on the mat. – Kara Willingham, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga

Originally published by Redfin