My Cancer Saved My Life and I found My Way Home

By Melissa McClelland


In February 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 48. I hit my bottom emotionally, physically and spiritually, and I had 2 choices, to accept it head on and change, or continue living a fast pace life style. With the support of loved ones I stepped into a program of change. I started to contemplate my previous life and realized I was a workaholic and so much more. I never took time for me and I never took the time to look up at the sky or just breathe.

After my recovery from a bi-lateral mastectomy, I then started taking Yoga and learning about Yoga in a serious manner, and fell in love. My diet changed as well and I started to slow down and appreciate life on a daily basis. I was so blessed with beautiful family and friends who continued to show me I was enough. My world was becoming settled down and my health was improving with each breath.

My yoga and dance practice continued to inspire me and I was privileged to continue learning at The Kripalu Yoga center were I was trained in the Fine Arts of Yoga and the Let Your Yoga Dance program. In 2012, with the love and support of my precious mother, we opened Down To Earth Yoga Studio together. You see, I truly was never happy running from my emotions hiding and masking who I really was. Yoga taught me to honor myself without force but with love. In time it became how I started to think and live. The mind, body, and spirit link started to connect with me in my life on and off the mat.

Today with all my heart I truly feel that cancer saved my life and allowed me to find who I am, a beautiful spiritual cancer survivor , breathing and helping others walk the path of love and understanding . I love my life and live each day as if it is my last.

I know today that cancer does not define me.