Dear Body

blur-flowers-nature-471-526x350Dear Body,

Today I want to let you know how much I thank you for having been with me for so long during the many paths of my life. I have not always given you the attention,the love, or simply the respect that you deserve. Other times I have ignored you,mistreated you,bludgeoned you with indifferent looks,doubting silences,violent reproaches. You are the companion I most abused and most betrayed.

Today I am touched as I discover you, with hidden scars, your weariness, your potential and your love for me. I find myself loving you, feeling like cuddling you, giving you something good. I feel like giving you special gifts, drawing flowers on your skin, offering you some Mozart, introducing you to the laughter of the sun, the dreams of the stars.

Dear Body, I want to tell you that I am faithful to you, I am grateful to you, that I accept your love. Yes, I have discovered that you take care of me, attend with utmost attention to all my life happenings. You are my most dearest, most treasured friend. I will never forget you. Thank you for serving me each day of my life. We will grow old together, and whatever happens, we will reach the end of our life together.


Jacques Salome

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